Perry Campaign Gets Owned With Stunt Backfire

Date 2010/6/15 21:20:00 | Topic: The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me

The Rick Perry campaign, apparently frustrated that the media has thus far been unwilling to pick up on their demonstrably false narrative about challenger Bill White's personal investments, tried a stunt today and failed. The Perry campaign called a press conference at the Travis County DEMOCRATIC Party Headquarters, where they attempted to once again share the lie that somehow Bill White profited from Hurricane Rita. (Bill White invested in a company a year AFTER Rita, based on their performance during Rita).

Whatever it was that the Perry campaign was trying to share was drowned out by the crowd of Bill White supporters calling Rick Perry a chicken for so far refusing to debate White. One person even showed up in a chicken suit. This is so absurd, it has to be seen to be believed:

Rick Perry is in China this week. How convenient.

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