Denton County Indigent Health Care Policy: Cruel and Morally Wrong

Date 2010/6/14 22:20:00 | Topic: Letters

To read about Denton's newest county policy for undocumented workers,
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So the county can save one hundred thousand dollars by refusing to treat undocumented workers (HUMAN BEINGS) that need medical assistance. Wow, that’s a LOT of savings these days. Never mind that the people desperate enough to actually seek care and usually when they do it is life threatening are now refused treatment through intimidation. Most just take it on the chin and stay sick or just die at home…the working poor, mothers and fathers and their children.

Other westernized countries would never consider refusing medical treatment to someone suffering, but we now do in Denton County. I travel to Europe, mostly to the Scandinavian countries, about once a year to visit my husband's family and friends. Once I had to go to an ER for a broken finger on New Year's day in the evening. The wait was far less than a wait in my family doctor’s office in Denton. I was in and out of the Swedish hospital ER after being x-rayed, given a numbing injection so they could set my finger, had a splint put on it, paid a whopping $67USD (only because I wasn't a Swedish national) and was there for maybe an hour and a half. ON NEW YEAR’S DAY. They didn't ask to see my papers or an insurance card even though I presented my driver's license...from Texas.
This whole immigration issue has brought nothing but cruel and inhuman idiocy front and center and remember, Reagan started this whole process by allowing undocumented workers into this country unchecked. Look it up so you can get your facts straight. It went downhill from there because corporations can and do pay the fines repeatedly for not only hiring undocumented workers, but actually advertising for them in Mexico in some cases. They exploit them and threaten them with deportation if they don’t do what they are asked and in many case they are given dangerous jobs that even poor Americans that need work cannot handle. There are laws on the books right now making it illegal to use this practice yet the blame falls on those who have no voice and cannot speak out or fight back because they are intimidated with jail and/or deportation or other frightening outcomes (read: Food, Inc. or watch the movie). THAT’s what our country has come to in the corporate world (thankfully not all corporations, but enough to make me wonder how this could happen)…legalized organized crime with no one watching or if they are, either don’t care or get paid not to. There SHOULD be an outrage going on but not because of undocumented workers. The outrage should be aimed at the those corporations getting away with KNOWINGLY using undocumented workers (setting them up with fake social security numbers), paying them next to nothing and oh yeah, having the audacity to tax them (which of course they [the undocumented workers] will never reap benefits from such as Social Security when they become eligible or Medicare). There needs to be a plan to legalize immigrants who have been in this country working and raising families for years and then stopping more from coming over without a proper process. We let it happen and we need to fix it but we don’t have to be cruel and inhumane in the process.

So back to the stunning 100K Denton County will be saving by not treating undocumented workers. Those of you who point fingers at others because they aren’t Christian enough, wear your religion on your sleeves, tell everyone else what to do, how to act and what to believe, put magnetic fish on your cars showing what a good Christian you are and blaming all the country's woes on this new administration (when prior administrations took us down the road we now travel) should be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking this is ok. Do you really believe this is what your Savior was sermonizing about? You doctors that are all for this have forgotten the oath you swore when you became a doctor so shame on you too. The county hospitals whose bottom lines we are always hearing about…waaaaah. You are already subsidized by the taxpayers to a degree (and undocumented workers pay taxes too) so the reasons just don’t add up for refusing service to anyone because of inability to pay or for not being a US resident. Your paychecks may not be what you think they should be but you aren’t scrounging for money to eat, pay rent, get medical care or buy medicine.

If we all stop to think about this and I mean think about it from the standpoint of YOU being in that awful situation (because most of us are only an illness away from having everything we have worked for ALL OF OUR LIVES taken away because of medical bills), maybe then you will think more humanely on this issue. Until the Health Reform bill reaches its milestones over the next couple of years, what does this new policy of refusing treatment really mean? Do some soul-searching and do some research. Educate yourselves about WHO the bad guys are here. Whether a person is Hispanic, African American, Native American, Asian or European American (Caucasian for those of you who don’t know or remember what that means) these people you are denying basic services to are HUMAN BEINGS! They are NOT the bad guys but they are an easy target so again, SHAME ON THOSE who passed this inane policy. We can do better than this as a community and as a country. Except for the Native Americans, we were all immigrants to this land.

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