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Date 2010/6/13 16:29:29 | Topic: Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread

In Flower Mound, elections have consequences. The 6 month moratorium on gas drilling was passed, and political appointees have found themselves “un-appointed”.

Ousted Planning and Zoning Commission Member Dave Johnson wrote a letter to the Leader saying he was kicked out because of his opening prayer at the meeting. Having read his sanctimonious and self-serving “prayer”, it sounds to me more like it was meant for the ears of man, than the ears of God. Later in the same letter, he says “The timing of terminating Bryan Webb and me from P&Z is not a coincidental. NFL needs us of P&Z to insure their desire to delete the Centralized Collection Facility (CCF) Special Uses Permit (SUP) off the Town books goes smoothly. So, which is it? Did you get kicked off because of your prayer, or because you differ in opinion from the current Council? Did Mr. Webb also offer an offensive "prayer"?

Democratic candidate for Governor, Bill White, is offering a training session in Lewisville for campaign organizers.

PDiddie is covering the Texas Republican Party convention. Last night, the Republicans ousted their chairwoman, Cathie Adams, and replaced her with Steve Munisteri, moving perhaps a millimeter further away from crazy. Then again, we'll have to see what their platform ends up with.

Hot, then cold, then warm again, Congressman Michael Burgess is now concerned about TCEQ lies again.
Neil Durrance says Burgess is vulnerable.

Wendy Hundley talked to some parents in Frisco who don’t want to leave Lewisville ISD.

Video of the week: BP spilled some coffee:

Barack Obama needs to kick some ass over this BP spill. Autotune the news has more:

Some print newspapers are doing okay, says The Economist.

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