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Date 2010/6/11 6:10:00 | Topic: Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread

BREAKING NEWS: Chicken sandwich restaurant unveils new chicken sandwich. Must have been a slow news day. Or maybe there was free food for reporters. I'd have showed up for that. I was actually there that day, but I paid for my food and chuckled at the marketing.

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Monday night was the Lewisville City Council meeting, and as usual, TJ Gilmore provides a top notch live-blog. Rudy Durham was selected as Mayor Pro Tem, and Greg Tierney is now Deputy Mayor Pro Tem.

Lewisville resident and LHS alumna Brittany Joyner will be filming a short comedy in Lewisville this summer.

LHS 2010 Salutatorian Leticia Rojas is on a full ride to Harvard University this fall. Great job, Leticia! Don't forget about all the little people back in Lewisville when you're wealthy and powerful!

Dallas Morning News has this story about LISD’s proposed social networking policy, that was tabled at the last school board meeting. The comments there are pretty lively.

D Magazine piles on with their take, and NBC Channel 5 jumps in too.
Update: KDAF, Channel 33 has also weighed in.

Ever notice how any story using the prefix "cyber" to describe anything related to the internet is going to be about the more sinister side of it?

Anyhow, we're proud of Angela Armstrong for standing up for her rights, and the rights of her coworkers. The Board of Trustees is expected to take up a new version of the policy on Monday.

About that BP oil spill: Regulation? Nah, Trust me!

Do you live in the Barnett Shale? Watch GASLAND on HBO Monday June 21st @ 9:00pm, and learn a bit more about the struggles that communities around the nation have faced when dealing with gas drilling and production.

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