Board Approves Sprinklers for Lewisville High School, Power Line Relocation for Flower Mound

Date 2009/11/17 4:00:00 | Topic: Lewisville ISD Notes

Wow, what an interesting LISD Board meeting tonight. Lewisville had to fight to get LISD to do the right thing and agree to fire sprinklers for Lewisville High School, while Flower Mound apparently decided that it would only allow the same improvements to the Flower Mound HS campus if the district would agree to spend a half million dollars to relocate power lines that the district says do not even power its campus.

The Colony City Councilman Allen Harris argued during the open comments session that the district should not use district funds for what is essentially a "beautification project" for Flower Mound.

Several citizens, including myself, spoke up about the need to make LISD's meetings and records more open. I spoke to the board about their retreat meeting a couple of weeks ago being an illegal meeting under the Texas Open Meetings Act, and the fact that it took a couple of days just to get an agenda for this meeting.

Another item of note, although the exact meaning of the item was never made explicit by the Board, even when citizen Julie Malcom of Lewisville thanked them for considering it, the board did pass the item on its agenda that we all thought and had heard through back channels relates to fire sprinklers for Lewisville High School. That item was left in the consent agenda and passed without further comment.

Board members argued for 20 minutes or so over whether to give in to Flower Mound's demands that LISD bury power lines that had been installed a few years earlier by Oncor, and supposedly feed a nearby subdivision. In the end the item was approved for construction, with just Amber Fulton and Tom Ferguson dissenting, all other board members voting in favor, though all expressed anger over having their hands forced in the matter. Vernell Gregg voted aye, but "under protest" as she said. Board President Carol Kyer also expressed great frustration at the issue, having personally appeared before the Council to talk about the issue.

Video: I need to make a bit of a disclaimer: The video was shot by our intern (my 10 year old son) who was quite interested in zoom and pan features, and more than once had to adjust the tripod. We're not responsible if the video makes you dizzy and you fall out of your chair.
Video segment 1 of 2:

LISD Board of Trustees Meeting - 11/16/09 - Segment 1 of 2

Video segment 2 of 2:

LISD School Board Meeting - 11/16/09 - Segment 2 of 2

Discussion of the field house at FMHS begins about 13:30 in the second video.

Videos are unedited, but we did lose a couple of minutes between the first and second segments due to a battery change.

Meanwhile, across town, T.J. Gilmore live-blogged the Lewisville City Council Meeting

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