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Online Fundraiser for Lewisville Firefighter Electrocuted on Duty

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Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2014/12/15 14:20:51 (3700 reads)

Open in new windowWe received a link last week to an online fundraiser for Lewisville firefighter Andy Allison, who was electrocuted a couple of years ago while fighting a fire. We would have posted this earlier, but with this type of fundraiser, we always want to verify it first - which we have.

Allison was fighting a fire, and had directed his hose stream into a laundry room, where it contacted a 220v electrical line, shocking him for several seconds. He survived the incident, but was seriously injured and unable to work.

Lewisville Assistant City Manager Melinda Galler provided some background:

[Allison] was victim of an electrocution that occurred on the job while fighting a fire. He has bravely suffered through numerous procedures and surgeries, but has reached a point where the doctors have said that he can never again work as a firefighter. It is a terrible tragedy for one so young. His father is a retired fire captain from Lewisville; therefore, it was very special that Andy came to work for us. He has handled this unfortunate situation with grace and dignity and the City will honor him as a retiree for his service. My hope is that someday he can return to the City in another capacity, because he embodies the attitude that we desire in all employees.

Lewisville Fire Chief Tim Tittle said that the fundraiser was doing very well, and that he was pleased with the response not just locally, but from the Fire Service nationwide.

Here's a letter from Assistant Chief Terry McGrath, giving even more detail about the terrible ordeal that Allison has had to go through:

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As of Monday morning, over $22,000 had been raised through gofundme. If you would like to donate, or see how the campaign is going, visit the gofundme page for Andy Allison.

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