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Friday Afternoon Thoughts and Links, BC Style

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by Runfellow on 2012/12/7 22:36:58 (1827 reads)

Open in new windowYour regular editor has been away on business lately, so I’ll be filling in with my own links and thoughts tonight.

There was a fatality on Sunday night on Interstate 35E in Lewisville. As related to us by the Lewisville Police Department, 22 year-old Alfonso Brown was driving while extremely fatigued, and rolled his 2003 Chevy Trailblazer with five passengers. None of them were wearing seat belts, and three were ejected from the vehicle. Although Brown has been released from the hospital, two others in the car were killed. Please, folks, wear a seat belt. We’ve known about this stuff for too long

If you missed this year’s Holiday at the Hall event in Old Town Lewisville, here are a few slides from the LTJ:

No, I don’t know why he went with the funky-beat bluegrass music either.

Late last night, the Denton Record-Chronicle posted an interesting article about a new FEMA project that will allow developers access to advanced data for the area at no charge. If you’re not familiar with geography of Lewisville, you should know that the one area this city can really expand is eastward onto the floodplains south of Lewisville Lake (which is not called Lake Lewisville, by the way). I posted a question about that on the City of Lewisville’s Facebook page at 10:30 last night and I kid you not, I got a response at 12:30 at night.

Across town in Flower Mound, the Cross Timbers Gazette is certainly not afraid of longer op-eds, and they’ve had some pretty good pieces, especially regarding education. Here’s one on standardized testing that gets the heart of the matter.

Speaking of Flower Mound, let me know if you have any good pictures of important places in the town that you’re willing to put on the town’s Wikipedia page. I’ve been working here and there on the text (I’ve got the Lewisville page up to a pretty good standard) but I’m sort of desperate for pictures. You’ll have to release them into the Creative Commons, but that’s not a big deal. I’m especially looking for one of “The Mound” itself. Extra points if it’s a panoramic picture. Super extra points if it actually has flowers on it in the picture.

And on a final note, as many people have pointed out on Facebook in the last couple of days, the remaining shell of the old Lewisville High School building went down yesterday. Frankly, I don’t get the hubbub at all. The reverence people tend have for buildings–the bigger they are, the more they are revered–misses the point on so many levels. In the video above, you can hear people saying things like “bye LHS”, and moaning softly as the final skeleton comes down. I went to LHS for all four years of high school, and enjoyed my time there immensely. But I didn’t enjoy it because the building was better than other buildings or because the bricks were aligned just so; I enjoyed it because I had great teachers, coaches, and administrators, and guess what? Almost all of them are still there, just one building over. Your memories still exist, as do mine, and I’m sure we’re all the better for it, but LHS is not “gone”, and the demolition of a building is absolutely not a “sad” thing.

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