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Nominations Being Accepted for LTJ Lewisville Citizen of the Year

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/12/2 19:40:00 (1394 reads)

Open in new windowIn every community, there are people who go above and beyond what is expected of them, and make the community a better place. We would like to recognize them here, and pick one person who makes a difference, so that we can do something nice for them.

So, starting this year, we would like to name an LTJ Lewisville Citizen of the Year.

Here are some of the traits and characteristics that we're looking for:

- They did the right thing, when it would have been easy to do the wrong thing.
- They risked their life to save another.
- They jumped into action and helped someone.
- They sacrificed something to help, encourage, lift up, or support a person or organization.
- They gave generously of their time, money, or expertise, to the benefit of the community.

If you look around the community, and pay attention, you probably know someone who fits one or more of the above. (Nobody is going to fit all of them, and that's okay.) Maybe they volunteer their time in a hospital or non-profit. Maybe they tutor schoolchildren who are at risk. Maybe they feed the hungry, or help the jobless. Maybe they saved a life. Maybe they volunteer at a nursing home, or collect school supplies for needy children. They may or may not have been recognized for their contribution, but that is not what motivates them, because they do it for love, and as a way to give back.

So, from now until Christmas (December 25th), we'll be accepting nominations from readers. We will name someone in January after discussing nominations among the editorial group here at LTJ.

Click here to nominate someone for LTJ Lewisville Citizen of the Year.

You can nominate multiple people, if you want.

One last thing: We need to reach far and wide, and hear from a lot of voices on this, so that we can hear from more than just the usual crowd. There are community heroes out there who may not be known to many people, so the more we get this message out, the better chance we have of finding someone who knows our potential Lewisville Citizen of the Year. So, please share the link to this story with your social networks on Facebook and Twitter, or by email to anyone you think might be able to nominate someone.

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