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LISD to Get New Logo and Tagline

Lewisville ISD Notes
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/11/9 4:26:08 (1938 reads)
Lewisville ISD Notes

Today, members of Lewisville ISD's re-branding committee got to get a first look at some proposed new logos for the district, as well as nailing down a proposed tagline. Re-branding has been on the table for several years, but district communication staff wanted to wait until after the district's new strategic design was approved, so that the logo and tagline, as well as overall branding was consistent with the direction of the district.

Members of the committee were shown four designs by Maple Leaf Creative, the firm assisting the district with the effort. The designs came out of several meetings going over key words and concepts taken from the strategic design.

After going over the four designs, the committee eliminated option #1, and requested that the designers create a hybrid of two of the options (options #2 and #3), as well as redoing the graphic but keeping the concept of another (Option #4). Once the committee settles on two options, at some point it would either go before the school board, or be given to the public to make comment on.

Open in new windowI can't really share the proposals in this forum, so I'll post a few graphics that contain some of the same concepts being looked at.

The two graphics at the top are similar Option #4 that is being sent back to look at redrawing. It's actually uncanny how similar it was to the Big Brothers Big Sisters logo.

The FC Dallas and Lone Star Beer logos are similar to Option #2, except that the proposed LISD logo is asymmetrical. The Sauza and Boston Marathon logos are similar to Option #3 in terms of having a sunburst (or agave plant, as some committee members saw it) inside a shield.

The tagline has to do with innovation and opportunity.

Sorry I can't share more, but I hope it piques your curiosity. As soon as it's public, I'll share the real ones.

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