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City of Lewisville Elections - Polling Locations

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2007/5/11 23:50:00 (18525 reads)

NOTE: This was for 2007 City elections, which have now passed. 2012 General Election

OK fellow Citizens of Lewisville, Saturday is the day to make your voice heard. Though you may not know about our candidates for City Council, or the issues we're currently facing in the city, WhosPlayin is here to help! This post will recap everything we've covered so far in the race, and give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Where to Vote

Early voting is now over. On Election Day, you must vote at the location at which your precinct is assigned. You may call the Elections Office at (940)349-3200 if you do not know your precinct number. Or, you may use Denton County's Voter Registration Search to determine your precinct. Your precinct is listed on your Voter ID card, as illustrated below:

Your Precinct #You VOTE HERE:
113, 114, 138, 221, 227, 309Lewisville City Hall, 151 W. Church St[Map]
306, 308, 311, 322, 324, 329Lewisville Municipal Annex, 1197 W. Main St.[Map]
300, 301, 305, 310, 312, 315, 318, 321, 327Memorial Park Recreation Center, 1950B S. Valley Parkway[Map]

If You Don't Have your Voter Card

You can find your precinct by looking at the map. Click the map to the right to find your precinct. Bring a valid Texas Driver's License or ID card, Passport or other government issued ID showing your address and identification. You must be a registered voter, and you must have registered 30 days prior to the election

What You are Voting On

Only two things: City Council Seats and a Texas Constitutional Amendment, described in detail in this post.

Lewisville City Council Candidates

At-large places 4 and 5 are on the ballot but unopposed. These seats will be held by Dean Ueckert and Rudy Durham.

At-large place 3 has 5 candidates, and all citizens of Lewisville are eligible to vote for one of them.

Patrick Booth

Leroy Vaughn

Ron Aljoe

Jim Mundt

Lathan Watts

WhosPlayin's InterviewWhosPlayin's InterviewWhosPlayin's InterviewDeclined InterviewDeclined Interview
DMN QuestionnaireDMN QuestionnaireDMN QuestionnaireDMN QuestionnaireDMN Questionnaire

How You Should Vote

That's up to you. You should read each of the candidates' qualifications, interviews, and questionnaires and take the time to think about how they would affect the future of our city. Think about their motivations for running, and whether they've proven themselves worthy and sincere in their actions. I have more thoughts here. And Here.

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