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Links and Cartoons for Saturday Morning

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2012/3/17 15:30:00 (2165 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowGood morning! I'm just sitting here drinking coffee, trying to wake up. I was up late working on another post. We have more changes in store here at the LTJ, many of which I've spent a lot of time on, but are not yet rolled out. One thing we've done is switch to a new system for the Events Calendar, which I had previously been coding meticulously by hand, and which I had tried unsuccessfully to hand off to my youngest son. The new calendar cost us a few bucks, but seemed to be more feature-rich than the free one we had ages ago from Google. We're still in-process on loading all the events.

And of course, as always there are many more things to talk about than I have the time to cover. I'm always looking for writers who have the time to take on a subject for us, so if you have a topic you want to see covered, and we're not getting to it, give it some thought.

We only have a few links this morning:

Denton Record Chronicle says an Attorney General review has been requested regarding DCTA's compliance with open meetings laws.

DRC also reports that the University of North Texas is proposing a 3.95% tuition hike, bringing the total cost of a 15 hour semester to $4,567 for next year. Our own Brandon Cooper, writing for the NT Daily called it last year.

A State Trooper was injured by a DWI suspect he was trying to arrest. The trooper shot at the suspect, but missed.

Some homes in Lewisville were vandalized with Swastikas and graffiti mentioning Kony 2012. If you find graffiti, you can have it removed at no cost under Lewisville's graffiti abatement program.

Comedian Gallagher is said to be expected to come out of his medically induced coma in a Lewisville hospital today.

The Lewisville Leader has the story about the Lewisville Summer Musicals, which will play at the MCL Grand Theater this Summer.

George Clooney and his father, as well other high-profile people, including members of Congress were arrested for protesting at the Sudanese embassy in Washington, DC.

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Something else on your mind? This is an open thread, so leave a comment. We haven't had any good arguments in awhile...

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