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Castle Hills Residents Dispute Colonization of Hebron Territory (Updated, corrected)

Lewisville ISD Notes
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2012/3/13 1:10:00 (6134 reads)

Here's a story we're working on; check back later for more details and quotes: (Or leave a comment if you have thoughts)

Residents of Castle Hills are organizing to object to a plan by Lewisville ISD to rezone some mostly-unpopulated territory to The Colony High School from the Hebron High School zone. A small portion of the new territory includes 78 K-12 students, some of whom would be grandfathered into the existing Hebron zone.

The plan proposed by LISD Student Services calls for rezoning an area South of S.H. 121 from Hebron to the Colony, though students in that area currently in 8th - 11th grade would be grandfathered in, and allowed to attend Hebron High School. Although the area is largely unimproved area with no living units, there is a small section at the Western end of the area called Castle Hills North, which is about 66% built out.

Residents of Castle Hills have started a website called Rezone The Dirt, calling on Lewisville ISD to allow the neighborhood to stay zoned for Hebron, while rezoning "the dirt" (the rest of the area, which is just "dirt") into The Colony's zone.

Here's a map of the territory proposed for rezoning, showing The Colony's zone in Yellow, and Hebron in Blue, with the gray area being the proposed rezone to The Colony:

View Proposed Boundaries - The Colony High School Zone in a larger map

There is a meeting for LISD Parents and community members concerning the rezoning, set for 6:30 p.m. on March 22nd at Killian Middle School. The School Board meets on Monday, April 2nd, at 7 p.m. and could vote on the zone plan at that time.

The 2010/11 Academic Excellence Indicator System shows the following statistics for The Colony and Hebron High Schools:

TCHS HHS(9) HHS(10-12)
Total Students: 1946 824 2105
High School Completion Rate I*: 98.2% N/A 98.6%
Class of 2010 A/P - Dual Credit: 27.1% N/A 32.8%
Class of 2010 Average SAT Score: 1102 1090
Met 2011 TAKS Standards** 79% 90% 90%
2009/10 Annual Dropout Rate: 0.3% 0.2%
Ethnic Breakdown:
White 51.1% 45.1% 48.6%
Hispanic 28.3% 15.9% 12.7%
African American 8.9% 13.3% 11.1%
Asian 6.6% 22.9% 24.9%

* Graduates and continuers - Standard accountability indicator
** TAKS Met 2011 Standard - Sum of all Grades Tested, All Tests (Initially posted numbers from another measure - corrected)

Update: Chris Roark just posted an article in the Lewisville Leader with a bit more detail.

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