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Thoughts and Links on Tuesday Night

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/9/14 2:33:41 (3361 reads)

Lets say you've just had a 100 year flood. Which of these power plants would you rather have in your neighborhood? (Also, guess which one has privatized profit and socialized catastrophic risk?) Don't worry, if the nuclear industry has a major meltdown in the U.S., Joe Barton will organize the apology committee.

This is what happens when you allow yourself to be terrorized. You start seeing the bogeyman around every corner. Cowboy up, America.

Meet the ignorant assholes who want to choose your next president. Seriously, these are an indictment of the American educational system, and our dysfunctional public discourse.

Yes, I just said asshole, as I will three times in this blog post, but don't worry: Christians can curse too. It's okay - seriously.

Speaking of which, here's a letter to those assholes at the Republican debate that cheered the death of an uninsured man from cancer. Human beings are not hypothetical; they have families, and suffer pain and humiliation, and have people who love and miss them.

Sometimes you need a girl who loves to fish. (Song starts at 1:53. You'll love it if you're a 14 year old at heart like me.)

People who profess to believe in a fully de-regulated and unfettered laissez faire free market economy could learn something from this Onion satire piece: "Well, I Guess I'll Just Take My Business To Another Soulless Multinational Corporation" Caveat emptor has its place, but it doesn't cover all real-world situations. Here in the real world, laws are needed to ensure product safety and consumer protection. Sure, your family would probably quit buying from the grocery store who sold you that tainted meat, but if you're dead, what good is buyer-beware?

The City of Lewisville has posted an update about a possible special election to replace the late Councilman David Thornhill. Dates are all still tentative, because the Council has not taken action.

There will be a smart, educated, reasonable, well-supported, well-connected candidate in the race to follow in David Thornhill's footsteps and continue the progress he worked for. I can't say who just yet, but I wouldn't want to be self-financing a campaign against him.

Lewisville ISD is making progress on getting video of meetings online for public viewing after the meetings. They've now broadcast several meetings live online, and I've now stopped videotaping anything but special meetings and workshops where the camera setup they have wouldn't work.

If your Willie is burning, that's a problem.

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