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How to Get Email Updates from Lewisville Texan Journal

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2012/9/27 11:00:00 (6185 reads)

Would you like to get an email update from The Lewisville Texan Journal when we post a new story?

We don't really operate an email list. But the Xoops engine that runs the website is capable of sending out emails to registered users who have set their preferences for it.

Here's how to do it:

1. Sign up for an account, or log in to your existing Lewisville Texan Journal account. It's quick and doesn't cost anything. Register...

2. Select "User Profile" from the menu: (or click here to open in a new window)
Open in new window

3. Click the "Edit Profile" button.
Open in new window

4. Scroll down through the options until you get to "Notification Method". Make sure it says "Email".
Open in new window
Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom.

5. Add "" to your email contacts, so that your mail server won't reject the email as spam.

6. Go to the bottom of any blog post (such as this one) to the "Notification Options" section and check the appropriate boxes, then click "Update Now":
Open in new window

Here's what the options mean:
"Notify me when a new topic is created": When I add a new story category, (e.g.: "Oil and Gas" or "Lewisville ISD Notes"), you'll get an email. (This is very rare)

Open in new window"Notify me when any new story is posted.": You'll get an email as soon as a new story by any author is approved and posted on the blog. Nine times out of ten, this is one of my stories. You'll probably get one or two emails a day, and the email will contain the headline of the story and a link to it. Example email shown on the right: (click to enlarge)

"Notify me when a a new comment is posted for this item": Only for the particular blog post that you are viewing, if anyone leaves a comment, you'll get an email. You would use this for instance if you were involved in a conversation in the comments with another user on the topic, so you wouldn't miss out on comments posted. The email you receive will tell you what post, and contain a link to the post, but it will not contain the text of the person's comment.

Managing your notifications
You can always manage the notifications you receive by using the "Notifications" menu item, or by going to the bottom of the blog post and using the Notification Options.

You can also get notifications on Photos posted in the Photo section.

Don't want to get emails?

Hey, no problem— we understand, believe me. There are a few other ways you can follow what's going on here:

- "Like" us on Facebook, and you'll see our headlines in your Facebook feed.
- Follow us on Twitter: @LewisvilleTexan I'll be honest; we don't tweet a lot, but we do post our headlines there most of the time.
- Bookmark our site, and visit us when you want.
- Add our RSS feed to your news reader, if you use one.

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