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Waddell Shakes Up, Flattens Top LISD Administration

Lewisville ISD Notes
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/5/4 0:40:00 (7996 reads)
Lewisville ISD Notes

Open in new windowToday, Lewisville ISD announced that new Superintendent, Dr. Steve Waddell had down-sized his top cabinet by eliminating 6 positions and moving other positions out of the cabinet. You can read the full-text of the release here.

The district is facing unprecedented budget shortfalls due to a structural deficit at the state level, and had implemented a voluntary resignation program.

District spokeswoman Karen Permetti said that Waddell was streamlining and flattening the central administration, putting an end to any notion of "sacred cows". The moves are estimated to save $600 thousand per year. Waddell has eliminated the following positions, though there have not as of yet been any involuntary separations or layoffs:

Deputy Superintendent of Finance (Alan King resigned to work for Dallas ISD, and the replacement will be Dr. Quentin Burnett, who will take the title of Chief Financial Officer, for $20,000 less in salary than King. Burnett will not be hiring football coaches in his position.)
Deputy Superintendent (Dennis Winborn, who briefly served as interim superintendent is retiring, and participating in the voluntary resignation incentive program)
Assistant Superintendent of Construction (Larry Williams - Could stay on with a different title or pay)
Superintendent of Student Services (Brant Buck - Retiring, and participating in voluntary resignation incentive program)
Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education (Dean Tackett is retiring, and participating in the voluntary resignation incentive program)
Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education (There were two assistant supers for secondary education, East and West. Dr. Harry Crenshaw - West is retiring, and participating in the voluntary resignation incentive program. Dr. Kevin Rogers will be staying, but with a different title or pay)

Remaining in the cabinet for now, and likely to stay with the district are Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Dr. Penny Reddell, and Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Dr. Lynda Haynes. Assistant Superintendent for Technology, Greg Veal is retiring and participating in the voluntary resignation incentive program, though his position remains in the cabinet for now. Permetti said that every administration employee's title and position was subject to change, and that Waddell's position has always been that the central office will have to take hits like other departments. Other positions, such as Permetti's remain, but are removed from the cabinet.

Former Superintendent Dr. Jerry Roy had not wanted to make any decisions about reorganizing the cabinet prior to Waddell's arrival, since the organization structure is subject to the preference of each superintendent, and had he made changes, those changes might not have suited Waddell. Permetti said that Waddell hopes to have an organization structure nailed down prior to the end of this school year so that campus staff would know what to expect when they come back for the 2011/12 school year.

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