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Flower Mound to Enhance Air Quality Monitoring

Oil and Gas
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/1/12 2:36:15 (5557 reads)
Oil and Gas

Open in new windowThe Town of Flower Mound announced today that they will be enhancing their air quality monitoring by increasing the frequency of monitoring and adding reduced sulfur and formaldehyde analysis. The Town also announced it would hire a second full-time inspector for the town's gas wells. Here's the full text of their release:

In order to strengthen its current air quality monitoring program, the Town of Flower Mound is increasing testing frequency from quarterly to monthly and expanding the scope of the tests to include additional compounds including sulfides and formaldehyde. The monthly analysis will test for more than 60 Volatile Organic and Tentatively Identified chemicals/compounds, including benzene and carbon disulfide. In addition, supplemental testing will be conducted as needed beginning in January to include Sulfides and Formaldehyde. All testing will be conducted by Kleinfelder, an independent authority in the field. The agency recently completed the 2010 fourth quarter ambient air evaluation, available at The results are consistent with the other evaluations, as no compound levels were detected above TCEQ criteria. In addition to the monthly testing program, Flower Mound’s air quality is continually evaluated by a new Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Auto GC monitoring station and Flower Mound is in the process of hiring a second full-time oil and gas inspector. This significant service level increase is being paid for by gas well operators via an increased permit fee approved.

Last year, I wrote a two-part series examining air quality complaints in Flower Mound near the Sam Wilson and Bunn Units, in the vicinity of Liberty Elementary School. In my series, I pointed out that carbon disulfide had been found in the samples collected with summa canisters, and that I thought the Town and TCEQ should work on testing for a wider range of substances, including formaldehyde and reduced sulfur compounds.

This is a good step by Flower Mound, and I applaud their Town Manager and Council for doing this. Hopefully this testing will be done correctly and in a scientifically sound manner, so that citizens can either figure out what's in the air that is causing the problems, or maybe get some clarity and reassurance that the air is good. Sadly, I think they're going to find the former.

Lewisville has no city-sponsored air quality testing at this point, but private neighborhood group CPANA is conducting a year-long benchmark study on VOC levels in the air.

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