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Privacy Policy

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2010/1/3 22:30:00 (13315 reads)

Open in new windowData We Collect
When you register for an account on The Lewisville Texan Journal, we ask for information like your name and email address. Whatever you enter may be displayed on your profile page, but you may hide your email address by de-selecting the "allow other users to view my email address" option.

Other data that you may enter in comments or blog posts is publicly displayed. If you use the Private Messages feature of the blog, we will not publish those unless you ask us to.

We collect general web statistics, including your IP address and other non-personally identifiable information for purposes of analyzing our site traffic, and to analyze or block certain spam commenters, or to detect and out malicious users who violate our Posting Rules.

How we use your email addresses and identity
We never divulge user lists. We will not sell or rent your email address to any third party. We only send a very small number of emails per year to our registered members who have elected to receive them. We reserve the option to insert small amounts of advertising into our regular emails to our users. If you sign up for updates when a new story is posted, or when a new comment is placed, the system will automatically send you an email.

We do not divulge user identities beyond what a user divulges in the context of their posts. If you post a comment or blog/diary post with personally identifying information, we may share that link with others.

We use cookies to identify users and maintain session on this website. If you choose to allow it, we may store a cookie containing your username so that you don't have to type it each time you log in. We may keep you logged in unless you specifically logout.

Third Party Ads
We use third-party ad networks to sell and deliver ads on this website. Each network utilizes JavaScript and/or Cookies and may have its own privacy rules. We do not share our user information with these networks, other than aggregate non-identifiable information about general audience size and demographics. Our advertising policy is here. Ad networks may serve ads custom targeted to you based on the content you are reading on this site or others. These ad networks do not disclose this information to us.

Privacy of Third Parties
Subject to our Posting Rules, we draw a distinction between people who are in the public life and people who are entitled to expect a greater amount of privacy. We reserve the right to remove user-posted information that we believe might infringe on the privacy rights of others.

We claim no responsibility for posts made by third parties that violate our posting rules. Third party archiving websites and search engines may cache versions of pages which we may later redact to remove information we find in violation, and we have no control over that.

Phone messages
All calls to the comment line at(469) 248-NEWS (6397) are recorded and may be published on the website at our discretion. Calls to our office are generally kept private unless we mutually agree to publish something.

In General
All formalities aside, our policy is to not be annoying or evil. This forum is mostly a public place, so play nice and keep in mind that your actions here in things that you post can be read by others.

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