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Closed-Door Health Care

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Posted by Trace on 2009/11/19 23:30:00 (2817 reads)

As an American citizen, I need to be part of this very important decision on our health care. This is my health care, this is your health care, and this is all of our health care. This is not Congress health care package.

If we are part of the process, we will have a better understanding of how they get to the why of it all. By closing the American people out of the process of making health care for all it becomes health care for none. I do not give a damm what the democrats’ think or the republicans’ think. I care what we the American people think.

If the process had been open to the American people from the beginning, I believe we would have some sort of new Health care reform already. Instead, the Health care debate is behind close doors with only half of the country getting in.

Victory being called by Reid and Pelosi while the country still straches its head. This Health care debate has become nothing more than the democrats and the republicans’ acting like kids. The democrats’ hiding behind locked doors in their secret health care club while the republicans’ hold there breath and just say no.

Folks this is not their health it is ours. No matter what happens, the congress and the senate will never see the inside of a waiting room like you and I.

It is time to take the Health Care debate and all debates back to the people. No more lock doors no more acting like spoiled brats in Washington.

Send me to Washington for you. Not to bicker like a child, but to fight for you. I know what the stakes are.

Join our cause for a “Better Way” Don Tracey for Congress the 26th district of Texas

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