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To Submit Tips, Photos, and Press Releases

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/1/10 1:00:00 (17698 reads)

Open in new windowThe Lewisville Texan Journal relies on citizens who send us information about various happenings in the community. Please refer to the following information about contacting us with your story tips, comments, press releases, and ideas. Thanks!

- Press Releases
- Social Media
- Public Comment Line
- Private Tips
- Photos

Press Releases
If your organization has a press release, please send it to Important things to include that help us to get your information out to the public:

- Basics: Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How. You would be surprised how many releases we get that leave out basic information like the location or time of an event, or what the event is, and what guests might expect to do at the event - especially if the name of your event is not something that would make it obvious.

- Photo(s): A good photo with your release makes it more likely that readers will be interested, and results in a lot more social media shares. Ideally, you attach your hi-resolution photos (800px wide or better) to the email, instead of embedding in a PDF or Word document. Make sure you let us know if your photo needs special captioning or credit. For events, it's often good to use a photo from a prior year's event. For performances, it's good to have photos of the performers.

- Third Person: Please write your release in third-person format, referring to your organization, and using third-person pronouns like "they" or "he" instead of first-person like "we" or "I". This makes less work for us when posting, and gives your release a better shot of being posted.

- Links: Don't forget to provide links to your website and social media, as well as any RSVP information you might want people to follow through on.

- Timing: We generally post events on weekends, which means it works best if you can get us your press release at least one weekend prior to your event. If you have a preferred release date, or embargo-until date, let us know with your release.

- Subject Matter: Regretfully, we just don't have the resources to write stories on everything that comes our way. We focus more on items local to Lewisville, and of interest to a broad swath of our community. Sometimes what we pick up has more to do with time available than how important your story is, so we encourage you to keep sending us releases, even if we don't pick up some of them. Some items work better as advertising, especially coming from commercial entities. For those things, we may talk to you about affordable advertising with The Lewisville Texan Journal.

We generally only share fundraisers if they are for a 501(c)(3) organization or school. Fundraisers for individuals or other organizations are typically not taken on unless it is a very compelling story of interest to the community, and we can completely vet its validity.

- Reminders: We get so many emails that sometimes things get buried. It won't hurt our feelings if you follow up with us to make sure we received it, or to ask us to share something via social media. Feel free to tag us on social media or message us there to remind us to share something.

Social Media
We maintain numerous social media accounts, but we primarily use Facebook and Twitter. We try to monitor local newsmakers on these sites, but we can't catch it all, so feel free to tag us or mention us, or send us a direct message through these media, and we will do our best to respond. We're happy to share or retweet items of interest to the community.

Public Comment Line
If you want to sound off and leave us a voice comment that we can publish, call our message line at (469) 248-NEWS (6397). Calls to this number are recorded, and the recordings can be posted on this website, if suitable.

Private Tips
You can email story tips, documents, and miscellaneous information to me using the address.

You can also call my office: 469-322-4265 - leave a voice mail if I don't answer. Messages are delivered to my cell phone almost instantaneously.

You can send a fax to us if you like. That number is 469-322-2674.

I want to make sure that those of you who work in government don't get in any unnecessary trouble in dealing with us, so here's what I recommend: If you're going to email me anything that you don't want your bosses and the general public seeing, try to send it from your personal email account. If you're going to call me, and you don't want your employer listening in, please call me from your personal cell phone.

From your cell or home phone, dial *67 then our number. We can't guarantee to pick up, but we will listen to any voicemail that you leave. You can then leave a message stating another time that you will call, and we will be sure to pick up.

To email anonymously, you can try a service like Anonymous Speech.

Please note that if you use any of these messages to convey a threat against us or anyone else, we are obligated to notify authorities.

The Lewisville Texan Journal loves to get photos from community members depicting either newsworthy events, slice-of-life type activities, or beautiful things in Lewisville. In order to use your photo, we just need to have your explicit permission, and your assurance that the photo is your original work. Please make sure we have the correct spelling of your name if you would like credit, and let us know if you prefer not to have credit for the photo.

If you see news unfolding, such as an accident, fire, or police activity, we ask that you put safety first. Don't endanger yourself or others to take a photo for us. We will reject even great photos if they were taken in an unsafe manner. But if you can get to a safe location and take a photo, we would love to see it and possibly publish it.

We reserve the right to crop and adjust photos to fit our format and ensure privacy in some limited cases.

Please email photos to, or you can text-message them to 214-280-6439.

Thanks again to those of you who write in and share your info with us. I can't promise that we'll have time to cover every topic that comes our way, since this is primarily a volunteer effort. We do our best to preserve your confidentiality.

Carry on,
- Steve

Originally published 10/19/2009, Updated in 2012 and on 1/10/2015.

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