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Candidate has Never Voted? (Update #2)

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2009/3/31 0:50:00 (4036 reads)

Lewisville Mayoral Candidate Winston L. Edmondson, Jr. acknowledged today on his website that he had never voted in a Lewisville municipal election:

I am ashamed to admit that I allowed the distractions of my career and family get in the way of my civic duty and I have not voted in local elections. Lewisville has a population of over 92,000, but fewer than 1,000 typically turn out to vote in our local elections. We all lead busy lives and it's very easy to assume that we're in good hands and that voting doesn't matter. I was wrong to assume that, and I regret it.

Edmondson, 31, would have been eligible to vote since December of 1995. The only records we were able to find through public information showed a registration as of 5/22/2004 to an address on Gillespie Dr. in Carrollton, TX. After filing for City Council, Edmondson updated his voter registration on about February 25th, 2009. After the 30 day waiting period, his registration became active on 3/25/2009. The only two votes shown on his record are in the 2004 and 2006 general elections, with no primary voting history.

Update: we had earlier wondered whether Edmondson was a resident for the required one year prior to taking office. Edmondson provided this image of a city water bill:

When we inquired with the City Secretary about Mr. Edmondson's filing, she had this response:

"I am only allowed to go by the four corners of the document per Election Law. They do have to sign the application form that states all the information is true and correct. I do not check Driver's License information. If someone wanted to contest that a candidate did not live in Lewisville they could file a complaint with me and then we would do research on the situation.

I do check with all Departments to make sure that they are no indebted to the City for anything...that is a requirement of our Charter.

I will tell you it is not entirely uncommon for someone to forget to change their voter registration address when they move - we see it all the time during the bigger elections, in fact that is how most people get their addresses changed when they come in to vote and the Election Worker asks them."

We think it's a legitimate question to ask whether someone running to be the leader of our city should have taken the time in the past to go and vote. Especially given that the issue Mr. Edmondson advocates so strenuously for - an increased role for the city in immigration enforcement - has been an issue since at least the 2007 elections when we covered the city's plan to build a day labor shelter.

Edmondson faces Councilman Dean Ueckert and Brandon Bertrand in the election for Mayor on May 9th.

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